photo credit: kenneth bachor

+ my name is enongo (ahou) lumumba-kasongo;

+ i am congolese and ivorian from ithaca, ny;

+ i am a rapper and producer under the monikers sammus and mutha brain;

+ i am a postdoctoral fellow at brown university in the music department [starting as an assistant prof. in 2022];

+ i am a member of the steering committee for the science, technology, and society program at brown university

+ i am the director of audio at an r&d game studio called glow up games;

+ i am a member of theKEEPER hip hop collective

+ i am the outreach director and an artist ambassador for theKEEPER digital archive

+ i am a co-producer of a monthly podcast about existing / surviving as a creative;

+ i received my phd in science and technology studies from cornell university in 2019;

+ i am on the advisory board for the sound arts & industry program at northwestern;

+ i’m interested in: afrofuturism, black feminist sound studies / studio studies, video game sound design and performance, and hip hop studies and performance.